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Eleni was born in Athens in 1976. In 2006 she got her Diploma in Architectural Engineering by presenting at the NTUA her thesis entitled "Objects as components of spatial existence of a path", getting a grade of 9.60.

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Already have a Bachelor of Arts in Interior design from Middlesex University of London (1998) and in Fine Arts and Contemporary Technology from the Technical University of Crete (2000), she began establishing her identity as an architect very early on.
Since 1999 and for 20 consecutive years she has worked as an internal or external partner in various architectural and design offices in Athens. Some of her collaborations are with ARCHLAB-George Lambrou, MRA architects, Georgios Triantafyllou & Associates, architects Nikos Economou and Panagiotis Koubis. She has also participated in architectural competitions in collaboration with architects such as Eleni Tzirtzilaki, Nikos Kazeros, and MRA architects.
In June 2004 she was invited to participate in the "Reuse-Resettlement, Alternative Sites in Greece and Europe" forum, as part of the event entitled "URBAN TRANSLATION: Re-Resettlement", organized by Akto College, Eleni Tzirtzilaki and Bios Multi-Team.
Since 2006 she has founded her own architectural studio, which mainly deals with medium-sized architectural and interior design projects and architectural competitions.
Her extensive experience in the field of architecture stems from her involvement in large design teams undertaking projects of any scale, but also in renovations of traditional or existing buildings. She has also been involved in curating cultural and art exhibitions.
In October 2011 she took part in the Conference entitled "Public space ... is being sought" in Thessaloniki, presenting the project "Regeneration of Kapnergati Square in the City of Kavala", which was awarded the 2nd acquisition in 2008.
At this point in her career, her own architectural path, led by strong strong collaborations with a network of designers, artists, and engineers, she creates with Panos Alexiou, with whom she shares a great love for art & design, the Elephant Design concept space in 2019.

She loves the architecture on every scale, furniture design, pencil sketches and cats, and her big drawback is the construction, whether it is of large buildings or small space objects.

link in bio: Eleni (K.) Sfantou

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