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Εleftheria is a filmmaker who lives and works in Athens. She holds a Bachelor degree of Arts in Political Science and History, from Panteion University of Athens (2008) and a Master of Arts in Filmmaking, from Kingston University of London (2016).
From 2012 to 2017 she divided her time between Athens and London. She focuses on poetic and experimental cinema, documentaries, and fiction while her work explores social issues and human relationships. She is interested in gender identity issues, the meaning of belonging, stereotypes, totem and captures on camera the relation and interaction between man and the urban and natural environment.

Her portfolio includes works on tv productions under various positions, collaborations with filmmakers on short films, art videos, campaigns and she has taken part in photo exhibitions in Greece and abroad while her documentaries have been selected in international festivals. In June 2019, she took part in a collective short film, that was presented in the group exhibition "Entos: Kali Tyxi, Mapping Dourgouti, the Onassis Stegi neighborhood, with images" under the Onassis Cultural Centre. She is currently working on a short documentary about a well-known urban artist and shoots videos for Elephant Design.

You will find her practicing archery, learning Spanish, filming constantly, writing stories, and watching films. Oh, and wishing she had more free time.

link in bio: (Eleftheria Katsianou)

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