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15 / 12 / 2020
W I N D O W | exhibition

"If you do not have a memory like an elephant, leave impressions like one." -unknown

Here, in the elephant's house, the days pass slowly but creatively. We make the most of this time and try to rise above the difficulties, to lift our trunks up and unite them with those we need and need us. We are inspired and wish to inspire as well.

We got in touch with many artists for the #BringYourOwnBackground project upcoming exhibitions and we realized not just the importance of art in daily life and how much we've missed it, but also the fact that art, and especially the artists, need the support of all of us. So, taking into consideration the current circumstances and our thirst for a "dose" of art, we welcome the window exhibitions.

Our space once again, just like in the #bringyourownbackground project, is transformed and adjusted so as to host the respective works of art. The only difference is that the viewer will not enter our space to enjoy the exhibitions, but she/he/it will be able to see them as a passer-by from our window. Or as passer-by from our site, since the exhibitions will be documented and - therefore - available online. Thus, we keep the necessary distance, for our safety and physical health, but we do not keep any distance from art, for our mental health.

Interaction and solidarity have always been our basis, and as real elephants, we will always remember those things and pursue them under any circumstances.


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Design team:
Sfantou Eleni, architect-curator
Panos Alexiou, creative manager-curator
Eleftheria Katsianou, video artist-film maker
Corina Karavasili, architect

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