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24 / 10 / 2019
PHOTO |shooting| DAY

October 23, 2019….

Almost a year after Elephant Design settled on its new office, space and people were photographed. It's all a matter of... timing. And time was more important to us than "what" or "when" to photograph. Architecture is the art of creating space, not exclusively for accomodation, but also to move, to stand, to enjoy, to think, to fall in love, to live in. Thus, the architect's role is to design the space that will accept the movements, the attitudes, the pleasures, the thoughts, the love, the people's lives. It is the photographer's role to capture these moments on film.

photo 2

Beautiful pictures were shot through an organized and special photographic look, highlighting every detail and every synthetic and constructive corner of our workplace. In some of them the photographer's lens fit as much of our space as possible, both architecturally and as a philosophy. We are very happy with the result and our collaboration with photographer Louisa Nikolaidou and her crew. They have best demonstrated the new concept brand of Elephant Design as well as the creative team behind it that we welcome you to meet.

photo 3
photo 4

The result is definitely part of the YELLOW OPTIMISM that characterizes us:

-A building that is the new home of the Elephant.
-The yellow color in the details.
-An imaginative logo, curated by the team of S & Team and our friend Evangelos Spiliopoulos.
S and Team using a specific font designed a stylized elephant that may look like a floor plan, and by using our favorite yellow color they managed to pass Elephant Design's "optimism" on its logo. Vangelis was with us all the way and his aesthetics include a simple but "to the point" vocabulary. And this is also reflected in the positive feedback we received from our friends and clients.
-The overall architectural and artistic philosophy that characterizes us and our partners.

photo 1

We introduce you to Elephant Design.

October 2019,
Editing: Eleni Sfantou, Panos Alexiou

photo 5

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-Branding:  S & Team.
-Art & design curators:  Panos Alexiou, Marina Alexiou.
-Mural Artist:  Lefteris Yakoumakis.
-Design Objects:  Antonis Kyriakoulis, Lefteris Yakoumakis, Aggeliki Tzamali, Eleni Sfantou
-Photographer:  Louisa Nikolaidou.

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