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06 / 04 / 2020
“Flying Elephant”

Contributing to the coordinated public measures taken to ensure people’s health, we elephants work from distance.
Maintaining “social” on “social distancing” we keep offering our services remotely – the “Flying Elephant” is here!


We design for you online any workspace or private space of any kind, providing the benefits of a complete study, design and implementation.

Contact us by phone at +30 216 80 92 414 or send us an e-mail at  and give us a description of the space you want us to work on.

You’ll get an e-mail from us which will include:
- A questionnaire about the space, your budget, your preferences, etc.
- Illustrated instructions on how to photograph your space.
- Illustrated instructions on how to measure your space if you don’t have a floor plan.

You send us the photos and measurements mentioned above. If you can’t have them in a digital format you can send them to us by post at Elephant Design, Tatoiou 134, 14671, Nea Erithrea.
Please bear in mind that you can send us your own plain sketches and we will figure them out.

We contact you in order to define the details of the project and then you get the draft plans along with the alternative proposals.

We complete the study within two or three weeks, depending on the requirements of the project, and send it to you by e-mail or courier.

The study file includes:

1. Floor plan design with furniture arrangements.
2. 3D visualization of the space (photorealistic images).
3. Designs of facades, of furniture and of special constructions.
4. Proposals of materials and colors.
5. Lighting study.
6. Study of electricity and plumbing arrangements.
7. A mood board featuring all of the above, along with a complete catalog of photos of the suggested furniture and materials (including suppliers’ details).
8. Project costs.
9. Online supervision of the project and proposal of cooperation with one of our authorized construction crews.

Free Services:
- Change of plans with no extra costs.
Telephone support during project implementation.

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