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23 / 09 / 2020
#BringYourOwnBackground | the project

In Elephant Design we are always looking for ways to improve our expressivity, to enhance creativity, experimentation, collaboration and to offer artists the time and space to promote their work. So, we introduce the “Bring Your Own Background” project, a curatorial project in which artists and creators are welcome to participate.

BYOB is based on a case study plan: we see how our actual space can be transformed into a new one, and in some cases into more than one! This is a necessary transformation that helps us share the story and work of each artist in an efficient way, initially virtually, on the website of Elephant Design. Our space is the background, and each artist can change it. The exhibitions are in the forms of dwg, 3d render, CGI, gif, or video files. They are well designed and thoroughly planned, ready to be presented to the physical audience. In other words, to go from virtual to visual. 

exh 2

exh 1

Our creative team brings together young architects, graphic designers, video artists and curators who are involved in the visual arts field, embracing contemporary art...

The house of the Elephant is defined by a series of elements that are flexible and can be altered, from a place of work and collaboration, an exhibition hall to a meeting point! All of which can be easily accessed via the internet by anyone in the world even in the most remote areas. Our goal is to encourage as many visitors as possible to browse the artists' websites - to navigate around the different places, the different private workshops.

332 lefteris

With the #BringYourOwnBackground project, we aim to give the viewers the opportunity to discover - either on their mobile phone or pc screen -  works of art, artists, and their creative process, just like they would do if they visited an actual exhibition, a museum or a gallery. We aspire to communicate with one another, to motivate and be motivated and most of all to give Art a new meaning: as an everyday joy, an alternative way to experience life, especially during those - and hopefully not many others - critical times.  

Elephant Design welcomes you to this new meeting place... a place where the world of the viewer and the world of the artist becomes one.

more to be announced 
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Design team:
Sfantou Eleni, architect-curator
Panos Alexiou, creative manager-curator
Kostas Katsadimas, architect-CGI artist
Corina Karavasili, architect
Eleftheria Katsianou, video artist-film maker
S & Team, brand and leaflet design




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