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ON LOCATION / ONLINE / July 9 - July 30, 2021


| “As a woman, I have no country. As a woman I want no country. As a woman, my country is the whole world” ((Virginia Woolf (Three Guineas, 1938)).

 Most of us live in cities, big or small. Some live in villages. Few on islands. Antinea lives in the most bright and vibrant colours. She lives inside people, inside their hearts. She hugs them with her brushes and intoxicates their souls. Antinea Boletsis’s portraits are exactly that: enchanting. And she makes everyone that she puts in her paintings, enchanting too. Even those who look at them become enchanting. Because her paintings are full of feelings; they are doors to imaginary places. 

She photographs everything and puts it on the canvas. Her camera though is different, as she takes pictures of our inner worlds, she throws some light on our moods. The people, the animals, and the objects that exist in her paintings are new worlds, independent worlds, almost future worlds. But the artist is a current person. She cares about how she currently lives, what she feels right now. And her now is painted with pynk shades. She has set out on a journey into a female world, where even the cats are archpriests. She paints portraits of women, and she gets inspired by them. She sees herself through them. She becomes their guide, and they become her redemption. She learns from them, and they light up through her art. She dresses them with colour and they smile back at her. 

After all, isn’t that what an artist must be?
An open dialogue, a continuous dialogue, a vibrant one. If yes, then Antinea and her art are the words we didn’t say, the world we haven’t lived in yet. |

Elephant Design






photos by: Eleftheria Katsianou


Elephant design,
Tatoiou 134, 14671, Nea Erithrea


July 9 - July 30, 2021







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Gallery Image
Cat on pink tiles, 30x40cm, oil on canvas, 2020
Gallery Image
Succulent nightscape, 90x120cm, oil on canvas, 2020
Gallery Image
Spring time, 100x120cm, oil on canvas, 2021
Gallery Image
Bios & Thanatos, 40x50, oil on canvas, 2021
Gallery Image
Jenny with candle, 40x30cm, oil on canvas, 2021
Gallery Image
Myrsini, the mountain and the wolf tattoo, 100x120cm, oil on canvas, 2021
Gallery Image
Natalia with gun and dog (Gangsta femme fatale), 100x70cm, oil and acrylic on canvas, 2021
Gallery Image
Neon self-portrait, 100x70cm, oil on canvas, 2020
Gallery Image
The Cat lady, 120x100cm, oil on canvas, 2020
Gallery Image
Gallery Image
Gallery Image
Gallery Image
Clay cats, 2021
To inquire about any of the works featured in this exhibition, please email us at
Artist - Painter



pic shadows

Antinea Boletsi was born in Athens in 1983.
Antinea’s talent for painting showed at a very young age. From 2002 to 2006 she studied Painting, Drawing, Art History, and Photography and holds a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from the University of Hartford (Hartford Art School, CT) the USA, with the highest distinction Summa Cum Laude.
In January 2006 she took part in her first group exhibition entitled "Goldfarb" in “Joseloff Gallery” and in May her artwork was part of the Thesis Exhibition at the “Silpe” gallery, at the University of Hartford. From 2008 to 2009 she furthered her studies in Painting and Sculpture at the Academie de la Croix Niver in Paris, France.
She has taken part in various exhibitions in Greece and abroad, such as the following: 
In December-January 2016-17, a solo exhibition, curated by Maria Migadi at the “C. John gallery” in London; in 2018 at the exhibition “Summer Exhibition - Celebrating 250 years Royal Academy of Arts" at “Royal Academy of Arts” in London; and in 2020 at the group exhibition "Ta Panta Rei", at the Tsichrintzis Visual Arts Foundation, Kifissia, Athens.
During the difficult time of the pandemic, Antinea’s artwork does not stop traveling.
In 2021 the artist adapts to the new conditions and communicates her art through online exhibitions, such as the exhibitions "Seasons" and "50 Shades of Red" in “King House Gallery”, United Kingdom. 
Articles have been written about her and her work on the “Artist Lounge magazine” (issue 01) and on the “Artist Talk magazine” about "Art in isolation" (copy 15), while her works are currently exhibited at London Art Biennale.

Antinea does not belong to just one place. She is a citizen of the world. She paints, travels, meets new people, and always looks for inspiration. That is why she is often in Greece and Great Britain.
The natural landscapes and their beauty amaze her. She is also fascinated by the beauty of people, animals, and everyday objects and that is why you can find them in her works. She paints with a mature mood but maintains, at the same time, her fresh enthusiasm. 


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