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S t a n d i n g  -  e l e p h a n t   -  s t o o l

Our desire to have a utility item, that would cover our daily needs, led us into making The "Elephant Standing" stool; an item that can be used as a seat, a table, or a library, either by using one piece or by putting together two or more pieces.
We created this 15mm thick plywood furniture out of our love for typology of materials and shapes and by being inspired by the amazing work of "Noon studio". The stool is based on the aesthetics of simplicity and repetition. Yellow, our signature color, is spotted on one side, which is the side that can be “transformed” into a library and defines a "Z" shape. By rotating the stool, with the yellow side facing down, you can “see” an elephant’s body, the second part of our logo, but without the head.
We cannot hide the fact that we adore Alma Buscher, (of the Bauhaus movement), who in 1923 designed toys and furniture, that looked like they came straight out of children’s world, using wood and the primary colors, red, yellow, blue, and green.
With the S-elepha-s we wanted to create something more than just a stool. We wanted to develop the creative imagination of its user.

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