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Conceptual design, which is an early stage in the process of designing a space or building, serves as a guide tool used to define the wishes and the needs of the end user. At this stage the general outlines of a project are resolved giving emphasis on the customer’s particular desires, personal style and habits. On the basis of the above information and the desired amount of expenditure, moodboards are created (tables with pictures, materials, sections of text, etc.) that determine the design approach of the spaces to the next stage. Additional visual aids such as sketches, two-dimensional drawings and 3D-realistic illustrations, templates, and virtual navigation in the form of animation can also be used at this point.


The architectural study is carried out through modern scientific processes, which are based on the legal principles and the know-how of our partners, consisting of two stages:

Preliminary Study and Building Design: At this stage plans are presented with the layout of all spaces so that their functionality can be evaluated. At the same time we create a three-dimensional photorealistic imagery of the building, showing all its aesthetic features with the suggested materials and colors.

Final design and implementation study: In collaboration with our network of partners we provide all the legal studies required to carry out any kind of project licensing, taking into account the legislation and the applicable regulations at all times. At this stage, all the construction details required for the design of the building as well as the financial and technical study of the project are specified.


We remodel or renovate the interiors of a building, utilizing as a valuable tool our personal involvement with every aspect of art. It is the idea and the inspiration that triggers the processes behind an important creation. After fully understanding the requirements of each project, we begin implementing it by creating visually coherent environments where every detail is tailored to the personal style and lifestyle of the owners. We create a space that is completely customized to you, proposing its decor elements, such as furniture, artwork and utilities designed by us and our partners.


We are responsible for executing a project from start to finish. The process involves planning, implementing a study, choosing and overseeing the right construction crew, providing quality and timely budget projects. Taking care of business also involves market research, either on the materials or on the equipment of a site, so that a detailed budget can be formed in a timely manner.


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In collaboration with our specialized partners, we undertake the complete design and construction of your outdoor space. This may include designing the garden, pool area, lighting and materials as well as an outdoor seating area with custom furniture.


Our collaboration with specialized partners enables us to produce original designs of furniture, articles of wood, metal, glass and more.


We offer artists time and space to promote their work through organizing and exhibiting. These exhibitions are a meeting point for discussion, collaboration, inspiration, and entertainment.

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Contributing to the coordinated public measures taken to ensure people’s health, we elephants work from distance.
Maintaining “social” on “social distancing” we keep offering our services remotely – the “Flying Elephant” is here!
We design for you online any workspace or private space of any kind, providing the benefits of a complete study, design, and implementation.


Meet the "Flying Elephant"


Elephant Design in collaboration with artists creates and produces works of art and utilities in a limited number of copies, available from our online store.


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