Define the project
  • Shape the idea
  • Collect information
  • Be part of the team project
  • Brainstorming
  • Make new friends
  • Create mood boards
Collect information
  • Every project should be derived from a concept
  • Develop solutions
  • Prestudy
  • Produce plans
  • Produce images
Brainstorm + Analyze
  • Our concept can be described as an: idea, notion, opinion, abstraction, philosophy, belief, inspiration, thought, intention, theory, image or plan
  • Improve final design
  • Customize
  • Modify
  • Use art objects

define project 2

Develop solutions
  • Present ideas
  • Define materials
  • Show images
  • Visualize the concept
  • Drink another coffee
  • Listen some music
  • Talk about art
  • Think out of the box
Present your ideas
  • Make space multifunctional
  • Introduce our showroom
  • Make art site-specific
  • Play with light
  • Create installations
  • Deal with customization
Improve design
  • Let elephant to have fun
  • Elephant offers a different way to expereince design
  • Make outdoor and indoor space elephant’s new home
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